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  • Shrink Wrapping Containment

Specialist Commercial Abseiling Services

HiLine is an established external building cleaning, building painting and high level maintenance company based in Bedfordshire, just 60 miles from London, operating throughout the UK and into Europe.

With many years of practical experience behind us, diversifying our skills to suit challenging situations and environments, HiLine has become a leading force in commercial, industrial building cleaning, painting, refurbishment and maintenance. Rope access is deployed as required in addition to using familiar access equipment such as cherry pickers. Our trained, professional  abseiling teams are qualified and safe, whether undertaking an external or internal renovation and restoration. We are high level window cleaners and often work on some of the tallest buildings in the UK. We also offer dust removal, roof repairs and weather sealing, in addition to shrink wrapping for containment, convenience and safety. Why use scaffolding, when we can access areas of your building with minimum disruption to daily activities and staff.

Contracts undertaken by HiLine Abseiling Ltd are comprehensively covered under the company's Employee and Public liability insurance.

Building Cleaning and Refurbishment

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